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JeffB wrote:
Anyone else think Budenholzer is about to get shot canned? 

I don't think so and I don't think that would be the right thing to do. Yes, some of his stubbornness had a big negative impact on the outcome of the series - not shortening the rotation and not playing his best players ~10 more minutes per game.

But new coach won't fix this. The issues is with the roster. If the roster stays the same their only hope is Giannis improves to the point he becomes truly unstoppable in half court which would mean he develops a mid range game and full arsenal of finishes in the paint - not just restricted area.

What they need to do is get a guy you can run half court offense through. A guy that can pair with Giannis in P&R and run that every half court possession down the stretch if need be. There's talk of them targeting Chris Paul now. Not sure, CP3 had a great season but can you count on him in another maybe 18 months depending on how long the break is due to pandemic? And who else is available?

They need two way half court playmakers and those guys are tough to get. Should not have let Brogdon go, should have gone after Kemba instead of extending Bledose before the last year's playoff and giving that massive deal to Middleton. The GM of the Bucks has had no vision after hiring Bud and signing Lopez. Raptors exposed them last ECF and they thought with Kawhi gone their problems are gone as well. Obviously not, obviously the structural issues don't just go away. Letting Brogdon go only made those worse. That team with Kemba and Brogdon would be much better than with Bledsoe and Middleton, even if they would have somewhat of a whole at SF - a 3&D hole is far less difficult to fill and deal with than what they have now.

Bud is the least of their worries IMO. Having Giannis, one good player and bunch of average at best players around that is their problem. For all holes and flaws in Giannis' game, you can't question his toughness, dedication, energy and relentlessness together with some amazing stuff. And that's a great starting point. The role of the GM is to see those flaws and holes and cover them. No player is perfect, no player will ever be. Good coaching can help but that is not enough. Giannis could potentially improve and add to his game and shrink those holes and flaws. But that is just putting way too much of a burden on a guy already doing shitload of stuff for your team on a historical level so much so that average guys around him are getting deals of a lifetime.

Another problem is, if  that roster stays the same, they might be facing a massive hangover. This was a great opportunity for them to get to the finals, just like last year was. That is two season in a row that must feel like blown opportunity. Does the team have it in them to come back stronger and improved from within? I'm not sure I'd take that gamble. A massive shake-up would prevent that, even if it would introduce other problems.

I just don't understand, Kemba was such a perfect FA target for them, how does a guy run the team and not see that, how does he not look at Kemba on Hornets and not imagine him running P&R with Giannis instead of Cody Zeller is beyond me. How do you not see guys wanting to play with Giannis and take advantage of that? Instead, you extend Eric Bledsoe before last year's playoffs after he bombed previous playoffs? You do not wait and see how he does?

If they fire Bud for this series loss then that team is done. If they fire him because there's stuff behind the scene we don't know, that is obviously different.

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Northern Neighbour
elT wrote:

Seems to me milky posted that during the first quarter when the Bucks and Middleton all looked good and could barely miss and Miami was playing like poop. In 2nd quarter Miami started playing and we have our series winner and that Middleton stat line which is just the perfect answer to that post.

Anyways, I called it! Miami takes it in five! I WAS SO RIGHT! BWHAHAHAAH

But, everyone who voted was right. Of eight people who voted, nobody picked the Bucks in any number of games.

I don't want to hear about the Bucks being the best team or Giannis being the best NBA player until they prove it on the court. And no, winning any number of regular season games with whatever point differential doesn't mean anything in that regard. Neither does beating crappy teams in playoffs. Show me an expanded arsenal, variety, scoring from different areas of the floor, dominate half court offense and then we can talk. Until then, pack up all those fancy ass stats and numbers and send it all back to Wisconsin.

His post showed up near the end of the 4th Quarter.
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His post showed up near the end of the 4th Quarter.

Well, in that case, we better trade Siakam for Beal and OG for Middleton.
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JeffB wrote:

Not a strange question at all imo.

But can we afford

FVV: 20-25mil
Siakam : 30+mil
Giannis: 35mil
OG : 20mil extension?

Yes, because OG's extension will come that summer in RFA, so he only counts as 10M against the cap. Meanwhile, Siakam will still be a little under 30M assuming a flat cap next year (even lower if the cap drops, but a flat cap is probably a safe assumption).
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Bucks took a 1/2 step back this year  (I think a big reason for that was losing Brogdon) so hopefully the Buck's FO can fix some of the roster flaws....

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