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JeffB_STR82DVD wrote:

Second team beats first team in 6.
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Northern Neighbour
I would love to see an exhibition game between the first and second All-NBA teams. The third team and the next five players with the most votes would be divided between the two clubs. 
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Kemba getting in with nothing but losing record for majority of his career, including this season, makes no sense what so ever. I'm all for guys not being excessively punished for their team performance but this is excessive rewarding because his teammates suck and punishment of Klay Thompson because his teammates are great.

When there's so much talk about not being selfish, sacrificing, playing defense, winning and media then goes and punishes Klay for sacrificing, defending, winning and being unselfish and it directly impacts his earning potential - just what are these guys supposed to think? And Klay is the coolest dude out there, he'll probably be fine. But this is a horrible mistake. The system seems way too arbitrary. I wish there were additional points assigned to each player based on team record, games played, player's track-record & years of service in the league, playoff appearances, rounds won etc... then weight those together with media and coaches votes and end up with a better list.

edit: went and checked - Kemba has had two winning season in his NBA career since coming to the NBA in 2011. TWO. One was 43 wins, 7th seed in 2013 which ended in first round sweep against the Heat. The other was 48 wins, 6th seed in 2016 that ended in 4-3 loss to the Heat in first round.

disclaimer: I like Kemba. I'd take him over Irving even if he is less talented he is not a headcase. I don't blame Kemba for Hornets' bad record. But in my humble opinion, it is stupid to give him a full excuse, no blame and make him All-NBA third team. I don't understand what is the motivation, clearly there's no legacy/track-record that is driving this.
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