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By far, the best player they got is Embiid, guy they got in 2014, a year after trading Jrue Holiday for Noel to start the whole thing. Ironic, really, he kept chasing a superstar talent even though he already had one.

They kept building through the draft because the superstar they got was always hurt.

Hinkie's measures were just taking the usual draft strategy to the extreme - trade your good but not good enough players for picks, try to get a superstar, and keep doing that until you have a superstar and you are ready to build around him (or them if you are lucky enough to get two). That way you can tailor your complementary pieces to your star to fit the best to his skill set. Timing it that way without having dead salary on the roster also means you have a chance to add a star in free agency as well, or at least multiple very good role players. And if you really do well with your trades, you can start winning while lesser teams still owe you high picks. Sadly they hired Colangelo to do that last part, and he cocked up every bit of it.

The failure of most teams that tank is because most teams are forced into tanking because they have bad management that can't build a good team. And that same bad management can't execute the plan.

It's very difficult to judge Hinkie's strategy given that they bailed at the critical step, and hired exactly the sort of bad management that usually screws up a tank earlier in the process. 

Ideally you have a supergenius in Masai who can draft a top talent at 27th overall and you just go from there. But there aren't that many Masai's out there. The process was a plan that doesn't require quite as much foresight, as long as you can evaluate NBA talent once its here. It's sort of a tanking-for-dummies strategy.

That's why when I advocated in the summer (and before the Kawhi deal even though I also held onto the hope a Kawhi-type deal could happen instead) that the team could execute a tank, it was a 2 year tank, not a 5 year one, because Masai doesn't need multiple kicks at the can. But, again, we are the lucky fanbase that has him. And NBA owners who do the hiring still seem to think people like Bryan Colangelo are the guys to hire.
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The point is that there are far more teams that have tanked for several years and won nothing than those teams that won a championship. The number of players drafted in the top 3 (heck top 5) to win a championship in the last 20 years is quite low. One (Durant) had to join a great team to get his rings, another is considered one of the 3 or 4 greatest players (LeBron), and another had to play with an all-time great to his (Irving). Then you look at teams such as Minnesota (two #1 overall picks), Phoenix, Washington (they had at one point 3 top-3 picks on the roster), the Knicks, New Orleans, and on and on...

Yeah, badly managed teams get high picks. Shocker. 

Which of those teams could be described as intentionally tanking in the way Philly did? 
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