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LX wrote:
He lost George Paul and improved by 6 wins. Donovan does about the same after Paul George leaves and wins an award.

to be fair, mcmillan was in conversation for coy too. Imo, the racist angle is the wrong one - the reason he got the short-stick and donovan didn't is because:

a. OKC lost both george and westbrook, and paul was considered damaged good and sga too young.
b. OKC exceeded expectations even more
c. Oladipo's and Sabonis had breakthrough years after the trade, and that took some of the credit from mcmillan

Not to mention that the award that year went to Casey, another african-american coach. And Casey deserved it more, 59 wins was dramatically more than anybody expected from us. Ironically, overachieving that regular season also caused his firing ...
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JeffB wrote:

How much younger do they need to get?


They have the 5th least experienced team in the NBA. And only have 1 player over 30.

I could see a step back and not that that means getting younger.  Indiana reminds me of the Milsap/Horford Atlanta teams - good enough to make the playoffs and maybe steal a round and then go home and golf (regardless if they're healthy).  A line of Brog, Dipo, TJ, Turner, Sab isn't taking on the top 5 teams in the East imho - that's the Raptors, Celtics, Heat, Bucks and Nets - not to mention what Philly is going to do.  There's also no guarantee that Dipo is staying and maybe (just wild conjecture here) there's an issue between the 2; only because I find it odd that Nate gets extended a month ago(?) then fired from a playoff series loss that was impacted from missing your best frontcourt player and your top overall player playing at 70-80%.

Clearly from an unbiased pov, I think Indy should trade Turner to TO(as they seem to prefer Sab)  😉
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