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American media gets the last laugh. Perhaps they know more about basketball than Canadian media?? Perhaps the guys like Skip, Pierce, Shaq etc are on to something when they say the Raptors arent legit contenders and never will be with this core. I know Raptor fans really like to dig into somebody like Pierces analysis since we all have so much more basketball experience and wisdom than him.........
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This thread blew ass 100% of the time except when I hijacked it to throw shit at Celtics.

It is time to outgrow this self pity and "we the disrespected" mentality. "We the north" was supposed to help with that but old habits die hard. This has been going on for 20 years and for 20 years US media continues to successfully and purposefully provoke Raptors fans into generating traffic of all sorts. They are going to keep doing it as long as it works. And constantly moving goal posts without hesitation. If the sweep happened against GSW the talk would be the same, most would call GSW fake for lack of competition, a lot would trash the Raptors and the exception would be the usual exception, people who actually work.

Pirce and Shaq care about their presence and image only, they never sound prepared and just spew shit. Shaq has not offered an granule of insight in years of TV, it is just gimmicks and fake drama. And Skip is epitome of everything that is wrong.

But even a broken clock is right twice a day. Means nothing in their case with regards to Raptors who lost due to basketball reasons, mainly. All the talk about psychology and "emotionally drunk" and what not is just escapism and laziness.

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MikeToronto wrote:
I guess we should close this thread now while adding the words “well deserved” in front of the tittle.

Not until we see what they do to Boston. Remember last year?
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this thread should be destroyed ... after these playoffs, we lost any right to claim disrespect (at least as a contender).
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I've never really given too much of a shit about this thread. I think we get seen differently, being from Canada and shit for most of our existence, but I'm not sure it's "blatant."

What I will say tho, saying "waaaaaaaah, they were completely right, I'm not going to even analyse what they say anymore," after we won 59 games, played a professional series against Washington and handled them and then lost to James with two close games is going overboard...

They DO chat shit, they DO kind of disregard us, but whatever. It's not "blatant," it's not some horrific bias, we're just a bit "other" to them, in my opinion...
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