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elT wrote:

The current Raptors team is way better than the one that made it to ECF. Lowry and DDR are better than they were. Then you have improved Norm, a bit better JV. And then you have Ibaka instead of Scola. And by the time playoffs come around the bench of Wright, CJ, Pascal, OG and Poeltl will be better and more versatile than the one of CoJo, PPat, rookie Norm and career year Biyombo. 

That's the way I see it at least, I don't think it is any less realistic than what you are saying. 

You're missing the most important thing.

I love this guy, but Lowry will never be elite again. I want to say it's the new system, but I just don't think so. I doubt he even makes the all star team.

We have ALWAYS gone as far as Lowry takes us. And with him showing signs of regression, I don't think we can get back to the ECF. I'm confident we can we our first round series though.

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LKeet6 wrote:
I wasn't serious with the snowflake mate, hence putting it in quotes. Was just messing around. Nobody here is a snowflake...

I stand by what i said, that i REALLY don't think anyone here is, like, "shutting down" people who say negative stuff. We're allowed to say "that's overly negative in my opinion" as much as people can say "that's overly optimistic, i think," right?

"success" is a real tough one though, and i think you really over-simplified there, as others pointed out too. Context is everything, landscape has shifted. East is a lot better, certainly reg season, grinding out the seedings at the end will be tough. If Cavs don't improve massively, they could be in danger of not getting to the finals. They will probably sort it out, but if we were to eliminate a shaky cavs team, that could be deemed as "best ever" by you! But we'd all know it was coz the cavs didn't get it all sorted by playoffs. Unlikely i know, but the point stands, i think...

Seeing the previous players and rosters others mentioned, it's hard at least to accept we don't have the best depth ever! Out and out "quality," dunno, there's a debate to be had, sure. Maybe people have ever so slightly looked ahead, to end of season potential maybe, or to next season, but it's really hard to think we're not close to best ever already, with clear potential to soon exceed it...

Nicely said.  I think some are doing just that (whether they realize it or not), taking what they're seeing on the court right now and looking too far ahead to end of season and playoffs.  As the season goes the team will only get stronger and more cohesive; the vets will continue to mentor the young guns (and I include Ibaka mentoring JV here); Casey will iron out a rotation that's more 10 deep than 12 (nice problem to have imho); the product we're seeing on the floor now won't have so many warts in the PO's.
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i actually meant maybe the optimists are looking ahead! Like knowing we're about to be as good as we're saying we are now! But what i said, and your reply, still stand [smile]
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