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It wasn't quite all of that for Irving; as 2nd round picks and guys like shumpert and frye were involved. However I'm still one who thinks cavs have done ok, given the situation. I'm on-board with "best player decides who did best," but maybe not as much as others. Cavs got a decent haul for Irving, a few good role players and effectively a pick swap for a much higher pick. I do believe LeBron causes a lot of the problems. It's really not a good look that he's so dominant there, and making decisions to such a degree, that he alienates the other star player and he decides to leave. But given they needed to fix the situation with Irving, given that it's not a seller's market in the nba currently, and given they have some stuff to work with now when LeBron leaves, means I think they've done well.

True, but those 2 were more about salary balancing than anything as the Celtic players themselves greased the wheels overall.  Still, I think the Cavs have come out ok, certainly not the losers as some describe but not locks either for the Finals or to have the ship righted.  I think the offense is quite fine, though you lose clutch shooting in Irving, you still have clutch shooting with the best player on the planet in LeBron.  I think the shooters around Bron are better than they have been in awhile and as you pointed out, will work better with a ball dominate player in Bron. 

I agree about having pieces to work with now if/when Lebron leaves which should be interesting if that happens - if it's the Lakers it's because the cap space provided to them by the Thomas/Fry trade.  Other than them, the Mavs, Hawks, Knicks and Pacers have space but I don't see them in the picture.  The Spurs are interesting, so are the Warriors (though I just don't see that) and the Rockets of course.  Warriors and Rockets would give the Cavs a little more leverage for a return.

In the end it makes no difference to me, I believe the Raps are the team to beat in the East. [thumb]
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Northern Neighbour
Don’t forget Cleveland sent their own first-round pick to LAL, and they added a ton of salary over the next two years.
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