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He announced his retirement tonight in his usual understated and humble way.

Nowitzki is an all-time great, and one of the top-five (maybe top-three) power forwards to play the game. He was a trailblazer, too, in paving the way for foreign-born players to play and be accepted in the NBA. 
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Amazing guy, amazing player. One of the best ever. Best European to ever play. One of the few with over 30.000 points. One of the few with over 10.000 defensive rebounds. Pioneer in many ways, for all Euros but also coming from a country where soccer is so dominant that they didn't have much of a basketball success or tradition before him. 20 years later and you are seeing more and more Germans in the NBA(Schroeder, Theis, Kleber), credit to their improving programs but Dirk is the engine behind all that.
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Definitely one of my all time favourite players.  An absolute star baller without the star ego.  The nash-Nowitzki combo was genius in the making, and I loved watching them.  I'm really going to miss having him in the NBA.  The mavs championship in 2011 was incredible.  What an awesome career.
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