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moremilk wrote:
Impressive series by the sixers, the main reason most people were somewhat down on them was inexperience. But they've shown little signs of that.

That being said, I think there's a lot of overreaction to their win. Miami was clearly the worst team in the east playoffs, I never understood why people were so afraid of them.

Playing hard will only take you so far, when your best player is dragic and you basically have no secondary or even third shot creators, playoff scoring will be hard.

If Philly plays Boston, I would put my money on Boston to pull through, but it may take them 7 games to do it.

You think Miami is worse than Milwaukee......clearly? 🤔
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JeffB_STR82DVD wrote:

You think Miami is worse than Milwaukee......clearly? 🤔

Yeah, definitely. Their defense is top notch, but they just can't score. Milwaukee is undisciplined and are not coached right, and are not a balanced team. I think they would beat Miami even without home court.

Boston is making them look worse than they are, because they are like an army unit. I think Miami wouldn't fare nearly as well containing them.
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