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JeffB wrote:
Giving up a shit ton of open 3's

Much like the Bucks, happens when you pack the paint.  The Raps would have quicker close outs to the 3pt line on defense if they were shooting better on offense - spending more time with transition defense than setting up their defensive schemes.
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Superb D by Spicy P on Morant.
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Welp I thought this was an evening game LOL. Totally missed the entire thing. Looks like a W in the bag ... how was the game
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Mo_fusion wrote:
Welp I thought this was an evening game LOL. Totally missed the entire thing. Looks like a W in the bag ... how was the game

Sloppy but they came out with a good effort and some clutch plays in the end.
Pascal finally coming out of his funk.
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Some more evidence of strong play in clutch minutes, which of course should have never happened. Kyle was in a mood. Hopefully he got it all out. Fred - nuff said.

Jonas with a goose egg. But the screens were worthy of the Louvre. And it had to be hard to score when he was pitching for the Blue Jays at the same time. That’s some crazy quantum shit right there. #34 for the Jays. That’s 17x2!


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It’s also just an absolute nightmare to score inside against the Raptors defence. Jonas had like 2 shots all game? Raps knew the Grizzlies were limited offensively and if you crush that interior game they don’t have much else. Lotta doubles inside. 

Only caught snippets of the game, little one’s birthday party this afternoon, will have to see if I can find a replay somewhere. But from what I hear Pascal was good late and Fred continues to impress, both of which are good signs.
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just finished watching this, didn't really think siakam had a good game, but he did hit those two late 3s that pretty much sealed the game. Until then though, not much to deserve praise except that nice defensive possesion on morant. He wasn't bad, better than most previous games, but far from his best form. Hopefully, he'll warm up in the next 4 contests, although tomorrow is a bad matchup for him. So he'll probably have 40 🙂

Pretty boring game otherwise, memphis didn't really have a shot as our defense was in top gear for most of the game. They pulled a nasty one on JV, who not only had to contend with gasol's defense, but they swarmed him everything he touched the ball and we got a few turnovers out of it before they basically stopped giving JV the ball.

Sloppy game by both teams though, and morant had a couple highlights, but there wasn't much to be excited about. 
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