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Hortford just hit a shot at the buzzer. Celts win by 1. lol
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All of our starters were double digit negatives while our whole bench was positive?? Wow
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A whole lotta fun watching Siakam and Poeltl guarding Gasol.

Delon and Fred were dynamic as hell.

Makes no sense to complain about taking wide open threes. Not hard to imagine them converting on three or four of those most nights. And they did take care of most everything else beyond coming out a bit flat to start the second half.
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Our second units brings energy and ball movement ... a beautiful thing.

The starters were playing like it was an auto win ... wish they could bring consistent energy and ball movement ... much better than last year, so there is progress.
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Would of liked to see Powell get more time ... he may be a critical piece in the playoffs ...
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2nd unit was the game changer. They did all the heavy lifting.

 Freddy Damn Sweet is the X factor. Telling you boys, he just comes to play every night. Dont let him leave.

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Hey moremilk, Raptors won 4 out of their last 5 and 7 our of their last 10 but I was wondering, what does your drunken math actually say in this case? Are we actually below .500 in those games? 

Also, we got outrebounded tonight, 45-44. Trouble, I know. 

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