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Good character W.

JV  showed why he still has value and is better than poeltl. His D was excellent at times. And his rebounding. Poeltl battled hard, great learning experience for him, but he got bullied at times, i thought.

Cousins is a moron. People say he kills us, but his avg against us is around his career avg! And JV has always done ok against him, i think. Anyway, let him stuff the stats, he'll always give you something back. He's a good shot blocker, but really inconsistent on D; plays like he has no respect for his man, and not in a good way. If you get him into a psychological battle, he'll force his offence. Amazing skillset, will stuff the stats all career, don't see him as a winner, will let you down.

LOVING DD this season. 46% fg is good, forces shots every so often, but last season and this, that has gone way down. His decision making has been SO good this season (i'll forgive those TOs in the 3rd.) Playing much better D, passing great. Him and JV's D has been a pleasant surprise.

Need to get that starting unit firing (did better this game,) and get the rotation down to 9-10 (so hard!)

I'm still feeling like Mr positive! Liking what i'm seeing! We're 7-4 trying a new system!
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Yeah, JV was great and he's been good this season. The only thing is that he's had good stretches in the past too, hopefully the increase competition behind him will push him to a sustainable performance.

I thought the bench was great, their lack of shooting, and not just from beyond the arc, is going to lead to tougher nights and the opposing team matches their intensity. Also, NO had one or two starters on the floor at all times, and our all bench unit played them to a draw.

The defense wasn't all that good , but I'm more concerned with how the offense is going. Defensively, we should be better this season once we start clamping down.

Also, Lowry and demar continue to see reduced minutes, and that's a great thing that will pay major dividends in January and beyond (if it continues)
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I got my free popeyes. It tasted like victory. Maybe not quite that good. Maybe more like Demarcus' heart.

Better than mcnuggets. Hopefully much more like real food, but who can tell when you get spicy?

Which brings me to some non-basketball related reading materials for anyone that's interested.
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