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Mo_fusion wrote:
The team had to change their style from a Kawhi centric one to everyone truly sharing the rock now. There's gonna be growing pains, we knew this. We are now truly like the championship piston teams

We had two styles last year. With and without Kawhi. And in the playoffs it was Kawhi going insane most of the time and find way to survive the other times.

LX wrote:
I’m down in Murfreesboro, Tennessee and didn’t get to see this one. It sounds like Gasol is an issue, but I have to wonder how big of a problem that will be in the big picture. Let’s not forget that he is just weeks removed from being a key component in two championships. So how bad is he going to be just weeks and months later? He hasn’t had a training camp. This is his training camp and pre-season. Give him a few weeks.

And give them all a few weeks in terms of looking to build on positives and minimize problems. There is a chance for a lot of growth, but it’s not going to come right away.

I'm kinda happy he is struggling now and hoping his minutes go down as he gets back to shape. Would still start him and play him enough to slowly build him up.
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I could be posting about the Bulls game last night, but I'm still fuming over the scary referring in the Celtics game .... could be some of the most one sided referring I've seen in years.  I realize you shouldn't get special treatment for being World Champs ... but man this was crazy to watch.

I love the intelligence Gasol brings to the floor, but this was his worst game in my opinion as a Raptor.  He's never been great on the short shots around the rim, but it was quite sad to see him playing as a shadow of what he was ... he will get better.  Ibaka brings a totally different capability at the 5 spot ... love what I'm seeing so far.  Seems to have really worked on dribbling the ball ... he ain't great but is showing confidence.  Love it ...
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