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Ugly game all in all, but a win is a win. Now we have 3 days until the next one, and maybe we'll get more guys back for Sunday or Monday.
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I knew we had this in the bag. 😏
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Positives down the Stretch
We won
Pascal made some big baskets
Norm had a great game 

Negatives down the stretch 
Norm missed a bunny
Pascal misses another late game FT
We can’t secure a crucial rebound after a missed FT

In general, Pascal has to get out and run like he used to. We had 38 fast break points and I think Pascal only had 2 of those, when he runs, his half court game is better and his shot is better. Liked OG’s game again tonight.

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I tape the games when they are late and get up early around 5amEST to watch them .. my family knows never to tell me any score 🙂

How many people would believe that Powell has become our most consistent player this year ... even with his significant time off due to injuries, he has come back playing the right way and consistently contributing.  Name me one other Raptor this year that has had his level of consistency ...
- While Lowry has been great at times, his shot has deserted him at times
- FVV has been solid but inconsistent
- Siakam ... well you guys are seeing it ... he's either making shots or missing everything ... hasn't been clutch on free throws late in the game
- Ibaka has been solid and hope to see it continue, but too early for me to say he is over the hump on the consistency front
- Gasol hasn't played enough
- OG has been solid lately and hopefully he continues to evolve .. great defense
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Yeah, Powell has been awesome this year. I'm especially impressed how seamless his two returns from injury have been, picking up exactly where he left before getting injured.

The one potential caveat is that his impact is heavily tied to his shooting, which luckily has been stellar. He's basically a better shooter and offensive player than green, but with worse defense.
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