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3&D guys get ~15M$ a year in today's NBA. Norm is earning 10.1M$ this season. I have no idea where that scale comes from, the one moremilk is using to claim he is being paid to anchor the 2nd unit. Probably the same one he used to claim Ibaka should be the third option . And how does that work, anyways? Teams usually staggers stars so each unit has an anchor. There are guys who are natural scorers but are playing off the bench(Lou Williams, young Jamal Crawford etc..) who come in and are often primary threat. But even then there's usually at least on star alongside them to really anchor that unit.

I missed last game but saw Norm hit a few threes in the highlights. Boxscore shows he dropped 19 points on 10 shots, shot 3/5 from three. He was really good in preseason but started slow in official games. Maybe he expected to start and had to adjust? We do know he is better when surrounded with better players, that always impacted him a lot more than some other guys.

And Norm has performed beautifully in a few playoff series. He has done more in two series against Milwaukee than vast majority of Raptors in these 25 years. And he has improved his shooting a lot, shot 40% from three last season. 40% is a big deal. He does that this year along with his defense, sprinkles in a few of his energy momentum changing plays on either end - that contract is a major major bargain.

My only concern is his consistency. I hope Nurse doesn't experiment with him too much as I am convinced that stability of role definition is key for Norm. He appears to require more time to adjust than majority of our rotation players.
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