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moremilk wrote:
No matter how you feel about OG, forget about trading him. The team sees him as a top prospect, only to be used in a mega trade, for an all star at least.

No way we use og for some mere quality piece like a Otto porter or Ariza or someone like that. Heck, I suggested og or siakam and Fred or Delon for Beal, and people had a fit 😉 imagine if we traded him for less ...

 i didnt have Fred or Siakam on my list of guys i want to move to make a run right now. Especially not Siakam but i wouldnt be comfy with Delon as the permanent backup at all.

 Our strength is depth but as you stated depth in the playoffs means less. Shouldnt we try to lesser our depth and get more top heavy?? I thnk so. I thnk we need to include OG as a centrepiece "blue chip" prospect (if Masai can convince another team of that, i wouldnt be) in any trade for a Beal quality or better player.

 Masai is a genius but also for me painted into a corner. Yes he can rebuild easily as is but we are so close. Its not easy to get this close and we could hold on to everything, lose Kawhi, and be far away again. Poof.
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