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Tommy C wrote:

FVV can be a solid backup. He needs to be more consistent though but overall for a 2nd yr player who went undrafted he looks good.

Any word about Wright?

Wright: No surgery, will be out a month. Which means another 2-3 weeks.
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Tommy C
JeffB_STR82DVD wrote:

Wright: No surgery, will be out a month. Which means another 2-3 weeks.

Thanks. That’s good news.
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LX wrote:
Hate to say told ya so bout Fred. He's been really good well before Wright went down. I just saw the third quarter again. Kyle moved the ball to begin with. DeMar just flat out missed gimmes. In other parts of the game he over-passed. I really don't think the offense was an issue, outside of the turnovers. And the defense was good enough to win if there hadn't been the turnovers. The Pacers made a lot of tough shots as opposed to the Raptors bad misses. The Pacers did a good job of defending inside and out and were giving up the midrange. Even so, DeMar's jumpers were in the paint. Just short-arming everything. Taking what the defense is freely giving, especially when it's a strength, doesn't seem like reverting to anything to me. The Pacers are looking a lot like how the Wizards play. They really go like made on misses.

well, I wasn't necessarily down on fred, just concerned about having him play a role he never had in the past. I don't want to get too high on him either now, it's still only been a few games. But so far, he's been really good.

I was at an event, so I didn't watch every minute - but from what I've seen, there was a lot of shots attempted within the first 10 seconds of the possession. When you struggle, that's just bad offense imo, no matter what the defense gives you. Especially on the road.

You have the lead and the shots have stopped falling, try to slow the offense, unless you go on the break. Don't feed the public and the other team with break opportunities on your misses. Given what happened the previous game in the 3rd, you'd think they learned a lesson, but we made the same mistakes all over again.
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