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He could be better than Dray, and Dray has been a top ten player.

You said only OG had a chance and that guys like Siakam were simply too old to develop more. The development Siakam has shown in this calendar year has been phenomenal. His confidence and determination to get better are through the roof. There's no reason to limit him. No he won't ever be able to shoot like Durant. He's not going to be Lebron. But outside of that, why limit him, and suggest that he can't possibly have at least the same ceiling as OG, which is what your initial argument was. I don't get that all. If you want to say that neither guy has a chance of rising to great heights, then fine, that's an opinion. Saying only OG and Bruno have a shot and none of the other young guys don't, because they just aren't young enough? And then rave about Pascal's development? Very confusing, as was the idea that Pascal had no wingspan. That was the deciding factor on his draft selection. Masai loves length. Pascal has oodles of it. Maybe just stop trying to see limitations that clearly aren't there.

I never said siakam is too old to develop more, he's too old to develop to the point of becoming a player at the level of Durant, LeBron or kawhi. With all due respect to Draymond, he's not quite that good either.

And no, it's not a contradiction that I love him and find him much improved. Let's face it, even if he makes it to an all star or all-defense level, it would be huge for us.

The young guys show enough promise to make it likely that we will be a very good team for a decade.

But to get to the next level, you really need that one special guy. And the only one who, in theory, could become that guy, is OG.

He has the body, he has the age, he has the mentality. He's fairly advanced for his age. With the proper work ethic, he could be really special.
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