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Finally a long span of game time for Bruno to play in and he is not active for the game [frown]
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Northern Neighbour
Bebe - 16 minutes played, 1 rebound, -22. Casey is in one of his moods where he gets tunnel vision with Bebe.
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Sounds like it was the perfect game to miss. I don't like losing to Denver. Not one bit. 
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I blame JeffB, I don't see "this one is over" anywhere in the thread, you reverse-jinxed us by trying to be reasonable, stick to your strengths Jeff!
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Raps will f*** Denver up when they come to the ACC
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as much as i respect Casey, it's fucking killing me how each time a player whom come back from injury, and is a starter, start their comeback game even so they are out of shape.

since the Warriors game ibaka look like he don't have any leg. he don't run at all. last night i saw him walk on defense to come back after lowry miss a shot.

And Jv needed 6 minutes to be in motion, exactly 30secondes before casey put him on the bench !

always the same problem of being able to adapt.

i don't blame in casey the lose, all the team was awful, but still it's something that amaze me. trust in the starter need to stop when they come back from injury or illness.

also an excuse use yesterday by matt and jack, was the altitude. but my god, this isn't everest come on ! I do outdoor sport at more than 2000m with my dogs and we aren't out of shape right in the beginning of the activity. yes for sure after 2hours, we are toast, the first time we practice, but not right away !
and stop with the travel fatigue ! the only one whom can have this excuse would be OG, cause it's his first seeason.

all the escuses of the world don't mean you don't move, you don't share the ball or don't defend.

one thing that always amaze me is how 15 guys can be all out the same game !

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Altitude is a pretty decent excuse. I know i feel it. Of course i feel breathless just getting off the couch, but through my life I've been effected greatly by higher altitudes. Jonas was as pink as a newborn baby right off the bat. Siakam looked like he was feeling like I do getting up from the couch. And all the missed freethrows point to either fatigue or just an unusual set of misses.

It still bugs me how the starters once again approached the start rather casually. That has to stop. The game got out of hand right away. Give credit to Denver, but Toronto just pissed away much of that first quarter. That gave Denver a greater advantage than the altitude.

I would think both the acclimation to altitude, and the willingness to start with a full bang will be seen in Utah.
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