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LX wrote:
It was cool that Bosh was in attendance while Serge came so close to matching his 16 for 16 perfect game. That could make for an Open Gym episode.

the chef was cookin last night
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 what are the odds after watching Ibaka for a couple years that he would set a career high and only take 1 three?? I wouldnt believe it if you told me. Nurse has him buying in to being a true big offensively and the team, especially Lowry, are giving him the looks to hit those bunnies and finding him on cuts and PnRs. Its a beautiful thing.
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Ball Don't Lie
Ibakas situation last year was very similar to Pau Gasols in LA when they acquired Howard, in forcing them to play a role their games didn't fit, in trying to be spacers/spot up 3 point shooters rather than finishers, and guys who excel at the elbow and closer to the rim. Ibaka has almost always been a very good to great mid range shooting big man, and now in todays NBA with most teams playing an athletic 4 that can shoot at the 4 rather than your prototypical big, it took away Ibakas advantages by playing him at the 3 point line where he could be easily guarded. 

The other thing that has happened is Siakim is picking up the pace for us in the starting 5 by getting rebounds and pushing the ball, which has also opened up Serges game with Siakims ability to get into tight quarters and make the right passes. He's also masked what would normally be a big advantage for other teams against us by being a lot more consistent on the boards for the past 5 games, since Serge has never been a plus rebounder. 

If you asked me who is more likely to continue their stellar play for the rest of the season, I'd say Siakim since his energy and defence are a constant even if he's struggling on offence, and I don't expect Serge to get these open looks the entire season, which means that'll open up lanes and easy shots for guys like FVV and Delon as the season progresses.

In other words, we're in a great spot right now, but I still want us to trade for Korver. 
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What is raptors best record historically through first 10 games? We have to have at least tied it? And through 20 games?
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Mo_fusion wrote:
What is raptors best record historically through first 10 games? We have to have at least tied it? And through 20 games?

Our previous best record through 9 was 7-2, so we definitely have the best through-10 record.
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