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moremilk wrote:

I don't think Karl had the organization's back, which pretty much nullifies his authority. He actually tried to rain cousins, cousins pushed back and their mgmt. more or less punted ...

You may be right, you are probably right. Still, it would be an interesting experiment to see what a Spurs or Spurs like environment would do to him.

Although, I suspect it's too late now, too many bad habits and not enough time to correct them ...

The Spurs would not go anywhere near him. Rule number one with them is that players need to get over themselves. Yes with that culture ingrained as a whole they've been able to absorb a player here and there that is a bit full of themselves, but i'd have to think Cousins would threaten to be too big of a strain.
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It's amazing to see a grown man like Cousins act like such a spoiled little child. I feel embarrassed for people like him, how do they not realize how horrible their behaviour makes them look. Obviously they don't care. I would just hate to be his teammate.
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