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JeffB_STR82DVD wrote:
Game over

care to eat your words Jeff?
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moremilk wrote:
And your point is? You think they missed on purpose? The best tell when a team is not trying hard is when they're taking possessions off on defense. I thought they played hard on that end.

my point is they did a good job of finding a way to lose a game that they needed to lose when it looked like they would win.
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I took a shower and slathered myself in cocoa butter. Now I feel sexier than anything about the Magic.
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Like I said before the game, this will be an easy win in the end. No jinx or anti-jinx or any of that shit, straight facts.
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Pzabby_2nd wrote:

care to eat your words Jeff?

Nope, you new here?
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Missed this one. Come on, don't judge, it is the Orlando Magic. Happy to see we won and Jeff did his usual dance. JeffB_STR82DANCEFLOOR.
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