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5 PM is perfect for me. Late enough so I can hopefully have some peace watching the game, not too late for my brain to be alive. Yes, my enjoyment of the game is the number of priority of the NBA as it should be, by right and by might.
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Based on Orlando's high team defensive rating the last several months of the season I reviewed the stats for the regular season 4 games...

We only had our  full starting lineup in 2 of the games. Our starters dominated one game when Green shot 11 for 15, their starters also dominated one game. They out rebounded us in every game... 207 to 165 for the season
Game 1: 45%, 26% from 3
Game 2: 30%, 35% from 3
Game 3: 42%, 39% from 3
Game 4: 50%, 52% from 3
Overall player shooting...
Siakam was 13 for 38, 3 for 11 from the 3 and averaging just 9ppg. On the positive side his main matchup Gordon at PF was just 13 for 39
Kawhi was 20 for 47 in 3 games played.
Lowry 12 for 28 in 3 games played.
Fred 7 for 23 in 3 games played.
Ibaka and Gasol both scored ok at around 50% each game.
Powell 3 for 9 in 2 games played.
OG 4 for 10 in 2 games played.
Green did well 21 for 33 but it was skewed heavily by that one 11 for 15 game

Their main shooters were Vucevic 33 for 60 and Fournier 26 for 58.
Hard to know if it was our bad shooting, bad shot selection or their D but we definitely can and need to shoot and rebound better.
I pick us to win the series in 6.
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I live with Vucevic settling for 3s. Yes, he has a good 3pt% but his offensive rebounding has hurt us big time. That's been our issue with skilled, physical big men (Jokic, Nurkic...) You really can't stop NBA just force them to take their most uncomfortable shot. 

Augustin - make him put the ball on the floor...give him a little bump and he won't shoot those floaters with accuracy.
Fournier - a guy you should jump every time he thinks of shooting a three...make him take long 2s or drive to the basket.
Gordon - loves the post and to drive...let him shoot...preferably catch and shoot 
Isaac - inexperienced in this setting...put a body on him but don't over-react...let him make a play...our team defense should funnel in on him taking a shot.
Vucevic - double team him in the post...preferably the one guarding Isaac... only 3.8 apg...let him make a pass...
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I could be way off, but if the team plays like I think we can play, this is going to be a short 4 or 5 game series.

If they keep getting hot shooting from their low-percentage guys like Isaac, maybe it goes 6, but I doubt it.

if we don't handle them easily, no way we go far. 

If we are almost as good as GSW, which I think we are, we should have no troubles with Orlando.

For me, the first game is key - if we crush them, we're going to breeze. If we don't, we're in much bigger trouble than having to go the distance in the first round.
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Raptorman wrote:

Wonderful. Your child should expect a call from the curator of Louvre tomorrow. :)
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MikeToronto wrote:

Wonderful. Your child should expect a call from the curator of Louvre tomorrow. :)

This is awesome.

Whoever goes to game needs to take a poster along these lines haha
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I googled "dinosaur eating Mickey Mouse" and got it.  Cant take credit.  
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