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I blame Mo for the loss because of his dream that didn't come to fruition. 🙂

I share a lot of people's sentiments. Like Wu, I was disappointed with Nurse's use of the bench and over-reliance on the starters. The bench came through for the team in plenty of games, including in tough environments (e.g., LA), yet Nurse still didn't trust some of his players. Why TD, Thomas, and RHJ (and Boucher to a lesser extent) didn't play is a big question that Nurse will have to answer. The result was an extremely tired top-7 who collectively played poorly in the biggest game of the year (evident by the inordinate number of turnovers and the terrible shooting numbers).

The lack of adjustments during the series was also puzzling, especially offensively. With Siakam and Gasol struggling mightily, Nurse waited into Game 7 to try to get Siakam in different situations. That still didn't work. One of the team's go-to plays was having Lowry come off double screens for an open look, but we rarely saw this. Instead, we saw a lot of easy P&Rs and isolation.

Next year will be a transition year. I'm curious to see what Masai will do - whether he'll try to keep the team together for one last dance or pursue a semi-rebuild by allowing the vets to depart (Gasol and Ibaka, namely, and maybe pursue a trade of Powell) and using the year to give more PT to the younger players (especially TD, Thomas, Hernandez, maybe Boucher, first-round pick) while expanding other's (specifically OG) roles.
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The loss finally starting to kick in....man this is depressing.

Anyhow this reminds me somewhat of that last dance documentary. How the one year MJ failed to win a ring during his championship run of 6 titles was the year he joined the team midway through the season. As good as he was, it was clear he had no legs under him which limited him from being his normal playing self. 

Now Siakam is nowhere close to MJ but the same logic can be applied here. Took 3-4 months off with no burn and no legs under him. No matter how great of a player you may be, a lack of preparation will always hinder your potential.

I'm certain Siakam will bounce back better than before and play at MVP level next season. I believe in him.
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Its funny, I was just looking over the boxscore from last night's game. We had a higher FG%, 3PT%, FT% and both teams had 44 rebounds. They ended up with 11 more shots because of our turnovers.  That's the only reason  we lost.... crazy 
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I blame Mo for the loss because of his dream that didn't come to fruition. 🙂

Well...funny you mention it...i guess the dream had elements of what played out. Was the day of double OT win...I saw us going into OT (in a low scoring affair), but then I had seen a loss in the box score in the end of it (to LAL) and I had seen Lowry arguing a call/something (fouling out perhaps?) Haha...prophesizing
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Wu wrote:
I thought our bench was a real strength this season.... would have loved to see Boucher, TD and RHJ get some regular burn.... provide some energy and get the starters some rest.  They seemed exhausted.... which goes a long way to explaining the turnovers and poor shooting. Oh well.

this.  I would have liked to see some RHJ at the 5 for some energy and a different look.  I think as the series went on, the Raps became more and more predictable in what they were going to do and who they were going to play.
As for Siakam, a lot of his offensive struggles are on him though I do credit Boston for taking the paint away from PS as much as possible and putting him on the perimeter - was smart coaching by Stevens.  
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Northern Neighbour
JeffB wrote:

One possession game and it was decided by 3 plays.

-FT rebound by Tatum
- Smart block on Powell
-Siakam turnover

The frustrating thing is that this team didn't look good the entire series vs Boston and it still came down to the final minute of game 7. Makes you wonder what would have happened if we played the way we played all season....and Siakam played better. 

And the missed goaltending call. Those two points were huge in a tight game. 
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fun season, sucks it came to an end but oh well, felt like we were playing with house money this year after winning the championship last year, lets see what moves are made and how we bounce back
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