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So with the Jordan documentary coming out this week, people are again debating who is the goat.

Who do you think is the goat?
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If Jordan didn't have to retire the first time, the Bulls would have won 2 more championships, imho. Yes, I believe the Bulls were clicking so well that they might have run the table for 8 straight years and tie the 60's Celtics.  Certainly the Knicks and then the Magic wouldn't have gotten past Jordan - and I don't believe the Rockets would have been strong enough to take down Jordan and Pippen.

Love what Lebron has done but I still don't believe he has that slight edge over MJ to take the GOAT title from him.
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Jordan wasn't even the best player on the Bulls.

Magic clearly is the GOAT. 
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Northern Neighbour
I despised the Bulls and Jordan as I grew up a Pistons fan, but MJ is arguably the greatest of all-time. He dominated at both ends of the court and was extremely efficient. Arguments could be made for Russell, West, Magic, Bird, Chamberlain, Abdul-Jabbar, and Lebron.
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