Hello Raps Forum! Been a while!

NBA Champions!! Wooooooooo!

One or two of the regulars will remember me from last season and before. I decided just before the season started to have a complete brerak from the forum. I realised i was getting too bogged down in arguing with the trolls and negative nancies and pointless "debates" that you can never win with these people. The forum had become a negative experience for me. I've decided were i ever to come back as a regular, I'll just ignore that shit, or if i can't hold my tongue, just say "massively disagree" and move on. Still completely stand by my stance on that stuff! [wink] but yeah, there's just no point getting into it with people...

Was weird, and also quite freeing, watching the season without all the analysis of the wiser people from this forum! As always got my insight from other places, but was fun just watching with my own analytical eye for once.

Was also quite a weird season, that i probably didn't enjoy as much as i should have. The spectre of leonard leaving always there, him missing loads of games, lowry got injured, we traded JV and Delon. Very stop-start season.

But it was also a season of excellence. People may remember (along with LX) i LOVED siakam from the start, and seeing him become a huge player for us was just a joy. Same with freddie. Despite the stop-start nature, we won loads of games, played at an awesome level a lot of the time, so many blowouts where everything went right.

But obviously, once you hit the playoffs, you see it all come together. full steam ahead leonard was just incredible. Lowry finally getting credit for everything he does, whether the scoring is always there or not.

My concerns through the season were 3 point shooting, bench output and (crazily enough now looking back) inconsistent defence, with rebounding being a huge issue. But the way we grew into the playoffs was awesome to watch. It started clicking against philly, but still was inconsistent, needed leonar; but from 2-0 down to the bucks, our D was simply sensational. There were entire periods of games where our half-court defence was "no." The 3s started falling, the bench started contributing, god bless Freddie for knocking up his woman 10 months ago! 😃

I got pretty emotional when we won the East. Strangely moreso than winning it all yetserday! Seeing lowry SO happy and emotional really got to me. Seeing him get the chants of "lowry, lowry" was HUGE for him and this franchise. Finally over that East hump, finally lowry gets raps legend status (to everyone) that he deserves.

But obviously winning it all just tops it all off. Wow, just wow. What a moment for this franchise and the already skyrocketing popularity of bball in canada. Huge achievement, that we'll never forget.

What next? Well, i reckon this makes it more likely Leoard leaves. What more can he do? He did what he was signed for, he made the trade worthwhile, he owes us nothing, time to do him. That's what he'll think, and i don't begrudge. he made us no promises. I still feel derozan could've been treated better, but the trade was obviously a 100% success, and we all saw the logic at the time.

I actually really like the idea of a scrappy "starless" raps next season. This team without leonard is still VERY good. Obviously east semis could be VERY tough and maybe our limit, but a good regualr season and some noise in playoffs could be fun! Then lowry, gasol and ibaka come off the books and we see what our next moves are. Will be interesting.

Anyway, sorry for the long post! But couldn't not come on and enjoy the success with you guys! Hope it was a harmonious season aboard raps forum! And hope you all enjoyed the playoffs and our championship! Congratulations to you all! congratulations to canada! Hope you had a blast last night! We the North!
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Ball Don't Lie
Remember last summer when you said you didn't like the  trade? I forgive you.

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Been thinking about you. Really glad you shared in this great moment.
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Welcome back
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