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I told the sport gods that I would sacrifice a Bruins victory for a Raptors victory.

You're welcome everyone.

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Thanks Acie
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Red Samurai
Mo_fusion wrote:
Have you changed your ways Red Samurai? If you Have then maybe you stay, if not then 3 words: be gone troll!


We the champs all superstitions gone!!

I admit that I often made bets like this with other sports and lost many, but most of them were for NFL games. I would guarantee wins when I saw that a certain team was undefeated in a uniform combo, or a team was undefeated at home or on the road against the other team, etc. I really ignored how good the players really were or how well the teams were playing.
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Red Samurai
I am really a Game 7 fan, not a fan of any particular team.

Did you guys know that the Detroit Pistons are 4-0 at home all time in Game 7, and the Dallas Mavericks are 3-0 all time at home in Game 7. Both of those teams won all those home games in double digits. There are other teams who are also undefeated at home in Game 7s, but some have only played one such game and/or won close games.

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Ball Don't Lie
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