Hello fellow Raptors fans!

Note: this post is for people who love basketball/NBA as well as anime/manga. The main character's dream is to play in the NBA, on the Toronto Raptors with his mentor

The reason why I am posting this is because I am writing an original English light novel story. (I am Japanese Canadian and lived in Japan for 10 years. I will be translating it into Japanese once I finish writing it in English). Light novels are the written versions of anime/manga stories. They include drawings of the characters and some scenes in the story. There are many anime and manga adaptations based on Japanese light novels.. The wring style is a bit more script like/simple with more emphasis on dialogue when compared to traditional novels. They generally are more fast paced. As I do not have the artistic ability, I am starting it off as a light novel and will be looking for an artist to join the project and eventually make it into a webcomic/manga.

I am a lifelong Toronto Raptors and NBA fan. The timeline of the Raptors and the NBA in the last 5-6 years has been interesting to say the least. Finally making the playoffs but consistently choking, being consistently doubted by the US media and being fairly labeled as chokers, being Lebrontoed, then leading up to the championship? And meanwhile there was a new dynasty, Lebron returning to Cleveland and dethroning the Warriors, just crazy stuff. I love the NBA storyline/narratives and this subreddits hot takes lol.

The trade for Kawhi last offseason inspired me to start writing this basketball story. ,Seeing his awkward laugh at his first press conference, to the narrative of him being shy and a fun guy, it was really interesting. The story idea started to form after that. Another big factor was seeing the leap Pascal Siakam took from the previous season to last season. Without him becoming the #2 option, the championship wouldn’t have been possible. It was like night and day, then the next leap he has taken this season? It’s craziness considering thats just the Raptors! it gave me more ideas.

So what sort of story is it? To briefly explain without too many spoilers: 

The story takes place in Japan. The MC, Ken Kazan is a 16 year old otaku who dropped out of school after middle school. With his mother being in the hospital long term, he took the mantle to support his mother and his younger sister, Yu by working under the table as a Host.

One day, he is cornered by former classmates who bullied him in middle school due to his awkward look after a growth spurt. He became tall with abnormally long arms and massive hands, something that would really stand out in Japan. (at the start of the story he will have a similar physical profile like Rajon Rondo. He will be around 6’3 with a 7 foot wingspan (instead of 6’9), with 11 inch hands, Klaws like Kawhi. His thumbs are far from his pointing finger, allowing him to palm the ball with ease, similar to MJ). He is beaten up, his work pay stolen as well as having his precious Kirana Hime figurine destroyed right in front of him, something he saved up for half a year to buy.

Feeling devastated knowing that he can’t cover his families living expenses or his mother's hospital bills/debt, his mind is overcome with darkness. He walks up the mountains to a cliffs edge, contemplating if he should end it all.

After being saved by Japanese Toronto Raptors NBA Super Star, Jin Tabane, Ken is thrust into the world of basketball. With the support of his new mentor, Ken enrolls into nearby Rinsei high school, the most prestigious high school in Japan to pursue his new found passion for basketball. The story follows the journey of Ken, as he works to fulfill his dream of one day playing in the NBA on the Toronto Raptors with his mentor Jin, and bringing a championship to the country.

I’m a pretty hardcore raptors/nba fan, and also love sports anime/manga. so I am using the knowledge I accumulated reading different Raptors forums, Raptors and NBA subreddit and watching games as references to the story/characters. I envision the MC of the story to be like Kawhi, with the timeline of the Raptors being similar to real life. The MC will be the missing piece for a championship. He will have to go through a dynasty from the west as well as have to play other big time time teams like the 76ers and Bucks in the east. They will play against someone like Lebron, getting revenge on him owning the Raptors. In the story, Jin Tabane, the Japanese NBA superstar will set huge ambitious goals for Ken. He tells Ken to win the Winter Cup in Japan, go to North America for his last year of high school to play with better competition and gain more exposure. Go to the NCAA then get drafted into the NBA.

Traits that make the MC stand out is his ridiculously long wingspan, his explosive athleticism, and a natural touch for shooting. He is also very smart and will become a high iq basketball player like Lebron or Chris Paul. Ken will start off as a 3 and D player, with the mindset that not everyone can touch the ball. He will become extremely consistent with his mechanics and Jin will instill good habits in Ken right from the start. He has a non stop motor, and learns to play amazing defense. His growth is similar to AD. Start as a guard at 6’3 and grow to become 7’0+, with a huge muscular frame like Lebron.

The story will include"
-school life
-go in depth about basketball

-the mental aspect of playing basketball, such as having the ability to have confidence in yourself even if things don't go well (shooting slumps, turnovers, Choking under pressure such as missing free throws in crucial situations etc.) Ken will start off extremely weak in this regard and lose confidence quickly making him extremely streaky. 

I am still in the process of writing the first part of the story (During his 2nd year of high school in Japan leading into the winter cup), after I get an initial (not final) edit, I will be looking for people who are interested in giving feedback as beta readers.The project/story is big/long and ambitious and I want to be able to do it right, so I would need an artist who would actually be really interested in the work. I will be looking for an artist who loves the nba and basketball as well as anime/manga. Someone who can draw cool looking anime style characters, for example Kuroko no Basketball. In my biased opinion, I believe that with enough time and polish, it will turn into a great story and that people who love anime/mangas and the nba will enjoy the story. I’ve put a lot of thought and time into the story so far and am excited to continue writing it!

I started a gofundme as I am looking to:

-dedicate more time to writing and finishing the story

-self-publish the novels. (With Drawings etc)

pay for an artist and professional editor.
-make it into an manga/webcomic


Tldr: huge anime/NBA/raptors fan who was inspired by the Kawhi and the Raptors storyline last season to start writing a light novel story. (Light novels are the written version of anime/manga)

After I finish and get it edited, I would like some beta readers/critique partners along with an artist!
For the artist, I am looking for a partnership where I can get feedback about the character design and story! So the pay would be some sort of percentage of the gofundme!

I would also like to eventually make it into a webcomic/manga.

Please message me if you have any questions or are interested!

Or add me on my new instagram account and hit me up there! Thanks
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