After a few questions, Bailey introduced Raptors president Masai Ujiri and – it gets a little fuzzy here because I wasn’t at the screening with any plans to do any reporting, and the sound quality from my seat in the theatre wasn’t the best – seemed to hint broadly about some kind of announcement regarding Carter, who starred for the Raptors from 1998-2004 before being traded amidst a cloud of controversy that still stirs strong feelings among Raptors fans today.

If I am recalling correctly – and I’ve run this version past a couple of other people who were in attendance — Drake took the first swing, saying something about Carter being put in position to be celebrated with a ‘full season’ of standing ovations, rather than the one per season he’s been getting annually since he’s been playing in the Western Conference as a respected veteran with Dallas, Memphis and presumably this coming season with Sacramento.

Drake then handed the ball to Ujiri, who seemed to stumble a little bit before saying – and this is from memory – “One way or another Vince will be home in Toronto.”

It was quite a comment and got some tongues wagging after I tweeted about it Saturday afternoon.

“Drake really pushed him into a verbal corner and Masai, being the gentleman he always is, had to say something nice and hopeful,” said former Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment president Richard Peddie, who was also at the screening and featured in the documentary. “There was an energy in the crowd that was looking for something like that. It kind of came across like Vince might play for the team again or go into the front office.”
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