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LX wrote:
The whole second team is the better of the two.

that may be the case for all-nba too, where the 2nd team will probably have lilard, kawhi, LeBron, embiid vs curry/harden/Durant/George and jokic.

That 2nd team would smoke the first team in a playoff game.
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moremilk wrote:
btw, embiid probably lost for the same reason, he also missed many games. And he's not always bringing the D.

I don't really have an issue tbh, Giannis has played almost every game and he anchored the best defense. Bledsoe has been quite good too, I think holiday is clearly a better defender, but maybe he didn't play all that hard this season. Smart is just the best, so he gets my vote any day. Green has coasted for many games, kawhi and embiid missed a ton of games.

If I'd have to choose the best defenders period, I'd go with smart/kawhi/LeBron/green/davis - nobody scores a point against that team 😉

Smart is very fun defender to watch but he isn't better than Klay, not even close. Klay starts possession on Irving, switches to Kevin Love, defends him in the post, forces a pass out, switches on LeBron and gets him to take a contested jumpshot.

Now Smart gets some stuff done, no doubt. But he also gets exposed by guys that are strong and crafty enough. DDR always owned his ass.
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how dare you, smart is the best!
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