I dont know why this isn't getting more traction... i think its hilarious he got caught.


Durant allegedly exposed himself by mistakenly tweeting from his verified account instead of one of his secret accounts, and now everybody knows the truth. Or at least, that’s the  theory floating around the internet.

On Sunday (Sept. 17) a fan tweeted to Durant, “I respect the hell outta [sic] you but give me one legitimate reason for leaving okc other than getting a championship.”

A tweet from Durant’s account replied that he “didn’t like the organization” or playing for his former coach, Billy Donovan. “His rosters wasn’t that good,” the tweet read.

An accompanying tweet also mentions Durant’s former teammate Russell Westbrook and concludes: “KD can’t win a championship with those cats.”

[Screenshot_20170918-051712-500x360]  [Screenshot_20170918-051726-500x264] 

Update: Kevin Durant has admitted to this hahaha wow


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haha! craziness...

on the "gimme another reason other than winning a championship..."

my answer would be "no. i wanted to win a championship."

What a shit question. what's wrong with wanting to win a championship?? Never mind all the other possible replies. Felt i'd gone as far as i could. was going stale. issues with westbrook. 

people can make points about leaving to go to the rival, the ones they just lost to, and things going back years that he said about lebron (nobody's allowed to change??) but people need to get over it man...
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Durant sure has a lot to say about everything these days. 
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