Merry Christmas to everyone at TRF!  Hope all are having a wonderful day, whether you celebrate this holiday or another.  Cheers!

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Merry Christmas! All the bestest! 
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Merry Christmas
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Merry Christmas everyone! Said it once or twice before, but again, I love this forum [smile] don't agree with everyone, but just about everyone here has good knowledge of the game and mostly keep it to a really positive form of debate. I've learned a lot and enjoyed a lot.

I'm having a good day. Surrounded by kids opening insane amounts of presents. Beer has been readily available [smile] waiting impatiently for my dinner!

Best wishes to all!
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Merry Christmas, everyone.
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Merry Christmas TRF Fam
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Merry Christmas all!
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Merry Christmas!!!!
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Merry Christmas y'all and have a safe and fantastic New years [smile]
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