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Kapono also looked like he played while wearing Ronald McDonalds shoes on.... so there’s that. I really didn’t like his time here.
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one particular memory that sticks out to me is kapono going apeshit from 3 in that playoff series vs orlando
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Northern Neighbour
With training camp and, thus, media day approaching...
which Raptor - past or present - gave the best interviews?

Were you an Oakley fan with his straight-from-the-hip approach? Did you prefer the always engaging JYD chats? Or you more into OG Anunoby's one-sentence responses or the banter between Lowry and DD when they shared the podium? Possibly, you miss Brendan Malone's pointed observations? Have at it.
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mike james was pretty awesome actually.
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Are we doing anything with fantasy league?
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What is going to be more important through the regular season? 

•decisions based around rotations, lineups, who starts and finishes games, which players get the most playing time

•whatever players happen to be on the court at any given time adhering to the system and the gameplan to get the most out of the system
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