I was looking through these articles and it looks like Kyle Lowry and Fred Van Vleet are on the general ledger as having received funds from some of the actors in the NCAA basketball bribing scandal. 

Some of the people involved in this scandal are up for charges of a maximum of 60 years? I am surprised the FBI investigated it this thoroughly.
I mean they didn't pay attention to the warnings about that kid in Florida Nicklas Cruz who shot all of those people but they had enough time to investigate a bribery scheme in the NCAA basketball.  

I wonder whether the people who are getting bribed (Kyle Lowry and Fred Van Vleet) are going to be charged for taking the bribes. I am not sure on the rules for being bribed for NCAA athletes. 

I wonder whether the Raptor's would still have to pay for Kyle's salary for the next few years if he gets put away for a few years. I think Fred is a free agent so the Raptors would not be responsible for his salary. 

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Don't worry, they will be ok. Pretty sure receiving $1000 will not land anybody in jail :)
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Northern Neighbour
Someone needs to learn more about the issue, how the US legal system works, and what really is at play.

The reference to Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School is completely asinine. 
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Too many confusing posts to read this morning...Really though, this wasn't meant to be taken seriously was it?
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