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The fact that he's a rookie just blows my mind, I love the kid. Great post.
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With so much going on, the league has insisted that teams remind players and staff about the need to adhere to the rules in place. It resonated a bit more deeply in Toronto after Raptors rookie Terence Davis was photographed wandering around the league’s campus with a mask that had a hole in it, hardly the kind of preventative practice necessary.

“Like anything, people forget once in a while,” Nurse said. “I don’t think it’s being done with any malicious intent. It’s just people moving around quickly.”

For Davis, it wasn’t moving around quickly. It was wearing a mask with a hole cut into it, a blatant disregard for rules. The rookie was made aware of the inappropriateness of his decision.

“Leadership is taking care of it,” Nurse said, referring to team president Masai Ujiri and general manager Bobby Webster, both in the NBA bubble.

The entire Disney existence is taking some getting used to, and the unprecedented nature of the life isn’t easy.

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