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This is my list for today, lol tomorrow will be different

Linkin Park
The Beatles
Smashing Pumpkins
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My choices.

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I’ll complete my obvious musical snobbery by liking Acie’s picks a lot, but desperately wishing the Stones could be replaced by the Velvet Underground or the Stooges, REM could be replaced by the Replacements or Pixies, Pink Floyd could be replaced by Parliament or the Fall, and the Doors could be replace by Love.

Fuckin’ snob. 
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Shitty I guess, but it does fail to mention that Loblaw says it will also pay a total of $25 million in one-time bonuses to employees, based on their average hours worked over the last 14 weeks.
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I think there needs to be more taxes on wealth, but more due to how that wealth is accumulated and how little is taxed, not because of something like this.
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hello from france !

here people have change habits. there are grambling but for now no serious citizen uprising about anything. what about you ?

codt of life is a highe by maybe 15%. there is a tendancy to middle-class bigh paid people living big cities. Racism is also a big troubles here.  We see more and more shops closes due to first the coronavirus and now the lack of consumation, like it was before. those type of shops will all close one by one. so much livraison (amazon and co) are changing the done here wirght now.
the corporate world is bullying everything and so the death of independant shop is on scale.

governement decide what tweet or youtube influence has the most hit... lol what a joke alround in europe.

what's going on really in your land ?

also the corono virus is almsot estinguish in France ! almost....

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