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He joined the Mavs as an advisor/analyst in the off season. If you've listened to the podcasts he's been on, or his twitter feed from the past few years, you'll know he was a huge fan of Luka and Porzingis. It's not a coincidence that they've totally rebuilt their team and core around these two guys after bringing him on. He's been one of the most successful gamblers in the world, and the analytical approach that he uses obviously works, and it's clearly benefited the Mavs thus far with their trade and draft targets thus far. 

No max type player has ever chosen to take the QO over a max extension, and KP wont be the first. The Shams reported was basically refuted when Woj tweeted out shortly after that KP would meet with the Mavs and let the relationship play out before making a decision. I  think after working with one of the best training teams and getting back on the court to gel and win with Luka, I don't think there's going to be any question as to whether he's going to stay long term. Dallas is set for the next 10+ years to be a contender in the West as long as KP stays healthy. Kristaps was an absolute force before he got injured. Their management, coaching, and ownership is all on the same page, and is one of the best collective groups in the NBA between Donnie Nelson, Carlisle, and Cuban. The Mavs are going to be a problem for the West, and they have one of the easiest cores to build around in the NBA since both Luka and KP are so good/young, and so cerebral and versatile. 

Well, Luka was a known commodity for anyone smart enough to not stereotype and lump him in with other Euros busts like Bender and Hezonja. Luka was playing in world's second best league and was dominating as teenager against grown men and very good players. His game was so obviously skill based, he wasn't just taller than most or stronger or more athletic. He was already a complete player.

And Porzingis didn't need more than first season to prove he can be very special and really removed whatever doubt left in his second year. Only concern is health.

My point is, for anyone honest these things were clear and it doesn't take an analytics expert and successful gambler to see any of it. Given Mavs track record and expertise, I found it strange you brought up Haralabob and gave him credit. Not that I care or pretend to know what is going on in Mavs front office, it is just with their history of success, Haralabob seems to be a cog in that locomotive rather than the engineer driving it. Maybe an important cog but still.

And I've given up Haralabob for his continued trashing of Steve Kerr and his coaching. That gave me the impression of a guy who has a hammer so everything looks like a nail to him. I thought it made ton of sense when Mavs hired him to head their analytics department. I just hope they don't let him evaluate Carlisle.

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