Sources: Christmas Day games set for 2019-2020 NBA season include —
Clippers-Lakers at Staples Center
New Orleans at Denver
Boston at Toronto

@malika_andrewsThe Milwaukee Bucks will travel to Philadelphia to play the 76ers on Christmas Day, league sources tell ESPN.

Another Christmas showcase game: The Rockets will play the Warriors in San Francisco, sources told ESPN.
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Wow. Just in time for the raptors no longer being a contender.

Still nice to finally get one though
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On a side note, New Orleans gets a Christmas day game? Rather see Utah vs Denver tbh. I hate that teams get Christmas Day games that don't deserve it based on one player on the roster.
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Halph-Breed Baller
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I hope TSN broadcast this game prime time in the East.
It would be epic to see Jack and the boys singing X-mas carols live....[jack_armstrong2_zps808c777f] [mattdevlincopy_zps5936b4e1] [34copy_zpsb43dd9e7]
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Everybody happy now?

Many on here were blowing a gasket over not getting Christmas game recognition. Lol

Don't give me any of that 'well we aren't even contenders'...for many a reason

But point is you can't have your cake without eating it.

Just go out and win. Make your mark on Christmas.

Is it home or away?
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