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JeffB_STR82DVD wrote:

Lowry- Wright- Vanvleet
Leonard- Green- Wright- Powell
Anunoby- Miles- Powell
Ibaka- Siakam-
Valanciunas- Boucher?- Bebe?

I still think another trade is coming, and maybe a minor signing using one of the exceptions, veteran big? Surely they aren't going to cheap out now and try to not pay tax right? 🙄

I have no doubts they'll go into the tax if need be, they already are.  TBH though, one has to decide what the actual direction of the team is - there are a lot more moving parts and machinations going on that we're not aware of.  Leonard can still be traded after Sept 18, in combination of other players.  I believe because the Raps acquired KL while over the cap, he can be traded by himself.
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