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Someguy again
Acie wrote:
I watched Yesterday last night.

Great premise, weak story IMO...

really? i remember seeing the trailer a while back, and i felt hyped to watch it. then i forgot about it. im guessing it really did suck.
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I really liked Yesterday.  Have watched it a couple times.  Nice feel good movie for these troubled times.  
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Greyhound - Tom Hanks
Tom Hanks is the Captain of a gunner boat that protects the big war ships from UBoats. 
UBoats come.  Tom sinks them.
Oh shoot.  I just gave the whole movie away!
Really.  Zero character development. Pretty much a documentary. Great big BOOMS however.

Palm Springs - Andy Samberg, Cristin Milioti
Groundhog Day in a different setting. But now there is a girl looping with him!
As simple as it sounds but kinda fun. Samberg doesnt ham it up aka 90's Jim Carrey and tries to act . Really the only time I LOL was when he tried to deliver "But I love her!".  Girl is awkward hot enough. 
Good rom-com to watch with the sig-other.  Wont change your life, but it flows enough that you wont be bored. 
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New Bill and Ted
OMGBBQ what a train wreck! I REALLY wanted to like it. I guess if you were a fan, give it a watch.  Wont create any new fans. 4/10

Mr Rogers- Starring Tom Hanks
This movie isnt really about Mr Rogers.  Its about a efd-up journalist assigned to do a story on Mr Rogers. Well done and very well acted.  For my tastes, Hanks is too big a name to really get you to believe you are meeting Mr Rogers but you can get by that.  Touches on some of today's race problems without being preachy. Overall a decent watch. 8/10
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