And by rookie I mean young guy, from bebe to OG.

Curious to see what your answer is to these questions:

1. Best young guy period
2. Best compared to pre-season expectations
3. Worst young guy (outside Bruno and the guys who don't play)
4. Worst compared to expectations

My answers:

1. OG
2. OG
3. Powell
4. Poeltl

A bit unfair to poeltl, since he's been good in limited minutes, but I thought he'd have a bigger role.

Siakam was very close to OG at #2 and wright/siakam very close to OG at #1.
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I think Powell takes number 4 too. Poeltl's role isn't on him. I think he's at the very least met expectations, if not surpassed them, even in a limited role.

Powell has had a very weak start. And he was seen almost as a definite upgrade to Carroll. I think he's basically replaced Carroll from last season in terms of performance. Maybe expectations were unfairly high, but they were still there.
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Way too soon brah! Way too soon. Even for OG and Powell. And Poeltl has been amazing more often than not. It is just the extended rotation that is hurting a lot of these guys. 
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I'm LOVING OG and siakam.

The rest are all doing great, except FVV who is doing well, but sometimes struggles, and powell who will find his game.

Siakam has been incredible the last few games. Starting to show some razzle dazzle as well as just the effort stuff!
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OG = Kawhi
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