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Gooooood morning Canadaaaa. Don't let yesterday's pitiful loss set the tone for this Happy Friday ^.^.

Raps will come back with a vengeance Sunday
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Didn't see the game, but it seems as though going to see The Who for $16.00 in Buffalo was the right decision. 
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Keep game 7 close and gritty, cut out the back and forth 10-0 runs, and we'll likely take it. We won the only close game in the series (I think?) And we're at home. And we're more experienced. Young players struggle in high intensity moments, and thrive off runs.

Or you know. Beat them by 50 [wink]
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just4_raps wrote:
I have a bad feeling about this. Too many of our guys are still holding onto ghosts of our choking history. Kawhi is going to have to drop 40 in order for us to win.

Well Lowry was apart of that team that went 2-0 in game 7s...  so there is no ghosts in the room
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Philly in 7 ... fight me
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Chance to close out on the road.....
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elT wrote:
Game seven stress is something I don't need. Especially since I don't trust Nurse one bit.

The game will be a coin flip, hopefully we can win. If not, I hope Nurse is fired the day after.

maybe next year
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JeffB wrote:

Because he wanted more minutes. Yes, we know...he'd be getting minutes if Fred was moved

think dallas would do the trade now, so make a petition
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moremilk wrote:

It's not guaranteed, but I'd give us 90%+ chances

at the very least
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This one already feels like a loss. Raptors in 7 🤷‍♂️
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