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I feel like I have to overstate the fact that I have us a favourites to win the east. I'm by no means predicting our bench will be bad, I believe in our young guys - if anything I'm overly optimistic about wright who I really like. 

But, if we want to be objective, we need to recognize the fact that our bench is very much unproven and until proven otherwise, there's a much larger downside risk. Our previous bench guys were proven quantities, we knew what Patterson and cory and ross will bring, within a very narrow range. With a combination of siakam/poeltl/wright/powell (my prediction for the bench, I think miles will start), you have 4 guys who are either 2nd or 3rd year and only powell (barely so) was a permanent part of the rotation last season. The other 3 had stretches where they made the rotation, but also stretches of D-League play. 

It's crazy when you think about it, we have 9 players on the roster with less than 4 years of experience, and one of the two guys that have 4 years have 0 nba experience (bruno). 
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