The state of the raptors today is different than what it was last year but some how it all seems familiar.

The change in the offence is well reported yet they still fall back to the old ways in crunch time.

Jonas looks like he has gained Caseys trust to some extent and the stats show hes playing well.

Derozan on balance has performed great while at the same time looks like hes still hasnt figured out how to "will" his team to victory.

Lowry has been meh this year. He is still better than most point guards but not by much.

OG is great for what he is and the position hes put in as the starting small forward. Im over the moon about his future but he dosent bring enough right now to help the raptors beat the better teams.

Serge is a huge waste in my opinion and the starter I least see deserving 20 million dollars. Perhaps if he brought more energy to rebounding and shot the three pointer at a higher percentage I would be happy. Hes easily replaceable and I scratch my head why Massi is high on him.

As a unit Fvv, Delon, Pascal and Jackob play well together which is no surprise based on thier shared experience with the 905, summer league and off season training. They represent the future is now and overall Im thrilled with them warts and all. Given time and exerience the potential is high on upside.

CJ has been a bust but gets playtime onky becuase Norm has been worse. Bebe has had moments but he lost the backup role to a better player.

The raptors overall stats for offence and defence plus wins vs losses is a mirage. They blow out the bad teams but seriously struggle against the good ones. The playoffs will be a struggle unless everyone can contribute big numbers which is unlikely.

if I were GM my aim is holding on to my young players unless there is a possibilty to bring in a super star. The raptors are 3 deep at the point guard and the center. Im open to trading any of them if it brings in a small forward or power forward who moves the needle.

I would probably wait until the summer to make a move but if I had to try and fill a need before the playoffs I would target Lou Williams and Disco Dirk. These two combined with CJ off the bench can be used as specialist to open the floor up for our slashing scorers and post up players.

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Not a bad assessment, but I don't see the need for a trade until the summer.
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