Amir Johnson award for most underappreciated Raptor: Dan Tolzman
Look: if LeBron James can name the Raptors’ bench by name, none of them are underappreciated enough to win this award. Sorry. Dwane Casey will get some serious consideration as coach of the year, while his top assistants, Nick Nurse and Rex Kalamian, have received plenty of national attention and should be in the running for head coaching vacancies that open up. So let’s give some props to Tolzman, the Raptors’ assistant general manager and vice-president, player personnel. The bench is great, and it is composed of players picked ninth, 20th and 27th in the draft, as well as an undrafted player who Tolzman championed within the Raptors’ front office. Tolzman has led the prospect scouting charge for years, and he also runs Raptors 905, who are in the G-League Finals for the second straight year despite a near-total roster overhaul. A year after Jeff Weltman was poached from the Raptors’ staff, you wonder how long Masai Ujiri can keep Tolzman in house.

gonna suck if Weltman poaches this guy as well as an assistant.
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