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Pzabby_2nd wrote:
Tmac got into the HoF. It would be a relative robbery if demar didn't, even just looking at what he's done thus far. Carter was more skilled. But Demar is a better player for a team trying to win a chip. Im not sure if i would trade demar for Carter as he was on the raps today.

Aw, I think it's unfair to  minimize McGrady's play, what separates the 2 is that McGrady was a very good defender.  I think Demar will pass him in pts and assists and maybe rebounds but to be comparable to T-Mac DD will have to vastly increase his defense.  

Tracey (all his big accolades below were collected in the first 10 years in the league before injuries really derailed him)
Career statistics
Points18,381 (19.6 ppg)
Rebounds5,276 (5.6 rpg)
Assists4,161 (4.4 apg)

Demar @ 8.33 years in the league
Career statistics
Points12,227 (19.5 ppg)
Rebounds2,560 (4.1 rpg)
Assists1,814 (2.9 apg)
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moremilk wrote:
Are you serious? Based on his career so far? To say it would be unprecedented is putting it mildly ... No all-nba teams, no titles, no records, no all defense teams, a paltry few all star selections, exactly why would he get in? If you count in future performance, anything goes - but that's a different discussion.

Have to include the future potential and it looks great based on the trajectory that he's on; though I do agree he has a long ways to go and he needs a lot of things to go right.  As I noted in my post with McGrady, there's no doubt that if DD stays healthy he'll pass him in pts, assists and probably rebounds but his years of lack of defense will catch him unless he can break through to the Finals. 

Also, I think if he does do these things above and being with a Canadian franchise, that will give him an edge as well.

Really though, there are many complaints that the Naismith is too easy to get into.
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