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my first nba team was the raptors.... it will seems to simple but in fact it was a mix of refusal to love AN USA team and the fact vancouver games were too late for me to stay late in the night to watch (i'm in france, 6 hiour from toronto, 9 from vancouver)

my first favorite player was Nash.... the guy make me dream of passes and 3pt. i study a bit his game to learn how to shot better myself !

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Started watching NBA in early 90's, fav team was probably the Bulls (Pippen) and Seattle (Shawn Kemp was a beast)

Before the Raps I was a declining Grizzlies fan 95-2001 and a 95-96 season ticket holder

1st live NBA game is a great memory;
Nov 5 1995, Grizzlies home debut. Rallied from a 14-point deficit heading in to the fourth & won in overtime on a Chris King tip in against the Timberwolves ( featuring Sam Mitchell & and a skinny KG)

Unfortunately, Van ownership had no clue as to the ins and outs of running an NBA team and the league messed up by hindering the northern Expansions.
Games were not interesting to watch

Switched to 99% Raps fan after drafting McGrady & Vince in 98 & 99
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shadowfax wrote:
gotta go with Larry Legend as my favourite player growing up (Magic would be my all time fave) i truly feel sorry for the younger members here who never got a chance to watch him live

there is a reason i started the NBA History thread with Larry...he was/is simply THE best all around player i've ever none

Larry was money and his trash talking was bar none the finest of all time. Such a smart player. Celtics were my team before Raptors came into town
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