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Northern Neighbour wrote:

Given the two teams were in relatively the same position five years ago, it's pretty safe to say that those on the Wizards' bandwagon were attracted to the shiny gem in D.C., which proved to just be a cubic zirconia.

Like I said though, the issue was what they did since then. They had better draft picks than us, so they could have had siakam and OG. Instead they traded their picks. maybe the whole wall vs beal never happens if they draft well and they win like we did.

That's the management's fault, not the team's. Unless the original poster meant to switch not just the rosters, but the front office/organization too, which I doubt was the case.

The wizards are, arguably, a worse team than 4 years ago, while we made a huge jump through smart decisions by Masai & co.
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JeffB_STR82DVD wrote:
Wizards: 9 players that are between 29-34yrs old

Raptors: 9 players that are between 20-24yrs old

Both teams are pretty much in the same tier right now imo, but we are much better positioned for long term sustainability. Now, if they sign Durant that changes everything and at that point, yes.......I'd switch rosters. lol

We have far more young talent, plus 4 firsts in the next two years. MU has continued to keep the team very competitive while adding young assets, picks. He has positioned this team pretty well to be able to make a big move or two soon in order to hopefully get us into the upper tier of the NBA, at the very least in the EC. Washington on the other hand are getting a little old and don't have a ton of assets beyond Wall/Beal and to a lesser degree Porter.

For once I was pretty accurate. 😂
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Yeah, that was bang on Jeff!

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