Quotes taken between May and July this year.. [smile]

moremilk wrote:
DeMar for Kawhi is a no brainer, even if you know for a fact that Kawhi is gone after one year.

The one year he's here would be worth more than another 2-3 years of peak DeMar.

gnarl wrote:
Lowry and Derozan for Kawhi and Danny Green

Find a 3rd team to trade Ibaka

Tommy C wrote:
Yeah, gonna be impossible for us to land Leonard here. Maybe if you offer Lowry as well they will take Masai seriously.

elT wrote:
There are few superstars in the league. I don't think PlayOffPeePeePooPoo is one nor is Cousins with 0 playoff experience. 
Spurs can get almost anyone for Leonard which means more than Raptors can offer.

MikeToronto wrote:

I am game for both trades that bring in Fultz and Wiggins or Leonard. Lots of risk, potential for proportionally high reward - let's do it!

Status quo leads nowhere, that much we all should be able to agree on, finally.

Carp wrote:

Agreed, and I enjoy this banter.... but I can't believe you'd take DD over Giannis, Kawhi, Durant, George, Lebron, Curry, Harden, A. Davis, Westbrook, Paul.... to start off the top of my head.   

JeffB_STR82DVD wrote:

Ok, what keeps Kawhi here?

33-34yr Kyle Lowry?



I don't underestimate Kawhi, he's fabulous. But it says a lot about this team as things stand..... we're a 59 win team and the only way we can trade for a superstar demanding a trade, coming off a year long injury, and who is on an expiring deal is to move one of our two All-Stars. Rather than add that third star we'll have 1.8 stars. I say 1.8 because Lowry isn't getting any younger.

Imo, in the summer of 2019 we'd be left with no Leonard, no DeRozan, no pick and possibly one prospect short. 

MikeToronto wrote:
If we manage to get Leonard in a package cantered around DD, unlikely as it seems, how are we going to deal with him and Lowry having the same initials?! Weird, right?!

DanH wrote:

I think you are underestimating Kawhi, personally.  And 2 vs 3 is of little import these days.  You need two ball handlers - Kawhi and Lowry.  You need two wing defenders - Kawhi and OG (and both can guard 1-4).  You need shooters - Lowry and Kawhi are great shooters, and Ibaka and OG are both serviceable, who knows with JV long term.  You need scorers (Kawhi, Lowry, JV).  

Northern Neighbour wrote:

Leonard for Porzingas and a first-round pick would be really tempting, too. 

For the Raps to get the Spurs to listen, it likely would take OG, one of Wright or Van Vleet, Poeltl, cap filler (maybe Powell), and a first-round pick. That's a solid package but not as good as the other two.


elT wrote:

I'm not giving up OG or Siakam unless it is top 5 player(LeBron James or Kawhi Leonard) on a long term deal. And I can't see us get a star without those two. So it feels like there are only two options, blow it up or run it back. I'm fine with either. Kids are developing, team is competing, transition will come sooner or later, there is no pressure, we didn't tank for any of this.


moremilk wrote:

no way we get leonard, stop dreaming. If he's available, he'll be extremely expensive as maybe the only true LeBron stopper in the league (to the extent as such a thing exists). SAS would obviously want picks, not veteran players - no matter how good they are. And while we have some good young pieces, they're probably not at the level of what some other teams could offer.

Northern Neighbour wrote:

Getting Leonard is going to cost a whole lot more than the proposed package.

Wu wrote:

don't need to trade for Kawhi.... we already have him.  

Northern Neighbour wrote:
I'd trade DD in a package for Leonard. Ideally, you keep DD and try to acquire Leonard another way, but that's easier said than done.

moremilk wrote:

more like 0.0001%, i.e one in a million...

he can go anywhere he wants to, and it's pretty certain that the only thing he cares now is winning titles. Even if he cared more about money, Canada's "market" is smaller than California and the 4th media market is highly misleading since it caters almost exclusively to Canada. Our top newspapers are, at best 2nd rate on the world stage beyond the heavyweights, our tv/radio stations are virtually absent outside Canada and we have very few media personalities that are followed globally (if we have any ...)./QUOTE]


It would be Lowry-OG-Leonard-Ibaka-JV.  With a bench of FVV-Mills-Powell (or Miles)-Siakam-Gasol

Would be the favourite to exit the East, IMO.  

Kawhi MIGHT bolt in a year.  That's the risk you take, and literally the only reason any team in any situation ever would trade someone like Kawhi for someone like DeMar. 

edki wrote:
. I actually liked Kawhi Leonard rent gamble better. At least it gives us awesome expectations ...



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San Antonio Spurs: D

San Antonio must really like DeMar DeRozan.

In trying to understand the final permutation of this Spurs-Raptors deal, rumored since last week, San Antonio valuing DeRozan as the kind of star player other teams were unlikely to offer for Leonard in the final year of his contract is one of two possible explanations I see. Either the Spurs had become convinced that a trade had to be made before training camp because their relationship with Leonard had become irreparable and no other team was willing to offer a compelling package, or San Antonio values this package much differently than I do -- a disagreement that probably centers on DeRozan's value.


Toronto Raptors: A-

For the Raptors, giving up one of their nominal star players, a recent lottery pick and next year's first-round pick makes sense because they're in position to shake things up after getting swept each of the past two years. Perhaps LeBron heading West was all Toronto needed to perform better in the playoffs, but with the Boston Celtics and Philadelphia 76ers on the rise in the East, I agree with Masai Ujiri's willingness to take a bold risk to be able to get to the NBA Finals this season


If Leonard is healthy and reasonably motivated, the Raptors should be considered the best team in the East and the favorites to reach the Finals. I've already laid out all the reasons DeRozan wasn't as big a factor in Toronto's regular-season success as his scoring average and accolades would suggest. Swapping him for Leonard is a huge upgrade, and the Raptors have somehow also managed to get another valuable two-way wing in Green..

Alongside a healthy Leonard and promising second-year forward OG Anunoby, Green is somehow Toronto's third-best wing player. That gives new Raptors coach Nick Nurse the flexibility to deploy lineups with all three players together that are ideally suited to defend the NBA's best teams
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LOL - well done. I would like to go on record and state that Lowry and Leonard sharing the same initials is not a problem the quote above suggested (heavily sarcastic context is missing. 😋).
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Lol, i took some stuff out Just for Fun, so alot of stuff is out of context guys... this is for shits and giggles, and having some fun.

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My 1 in a million quote was about LeBron btw.
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D for Spurs? Who wrote this? Yeah, same guy that obliterated Bulls and Pacers for their trade last year and main promoter and defender of RPM. Shut the fuck up Kevin Pelton you scrambled egg brain.
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DeMar got votes for first team all-nba. The coaches in this league have put him on the AS team more than once, before last season’s improvements. But yeah - he’s terribly over-valued. We’ll see how it washes out. It could end up being good for all involved. Gotta hope that is the case.
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