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DocHolliday wrote:

Indeed it is 😉  

Will miss Kawhi, he impacted the team's psyche, galvanized a country and city, lead the team to a championship and got the team out from giving DDR a max contract.  Clean slate now.

As for the franchise player, I'm excited to see how Pascal responds this season to "being the man".  He seem to be the type of person that others naturally want to follow and the skills are there to take the mantle - who would have thunk that when he was drafted?

Yeah there are a lot of “franchise players” I’d never trade Siakam for. Or DeMar if he were still here, but it’s likely true that at this point it’s better to have Pskills front and center. It’s back to being better than expectations, and that’s not a bad spot to be in when there is an even better sense of what it takes to get to the end. I can see myself falling absolutely head over heels in love with this team.
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Ten free agents signed maximum-salary contracts this summer. How many check all the boxes that a team would want from a player making the absolute most it can pay him?

Based on an informal survey of a half-dozen NBA front-office executives: not one.

There were a few who had the requisite talent, while others had the requisite leadership skills. But none had both along with the skills and desire to be the team face and spokesman.

A former player who is now a front-office executive says a "max guy" is, ideally, "a leader in the locker room and on the floor. [Someone] I'm confident and comfortable giving the ball in late-game situations. He's leading my organization on and off the court where we need to go. Guys that I played with, guys that I continue to watch, I want them to get as many dollars as possible. But when we talk about that term—'max guy'—how many of those guys, realistically, are there?"

"Kawhi is great getting his, but he doesn't elevate anyone," the GM says. "He doesn't rally his team."

An Eastern Conference vice president of player personnel somewhat agrees. "He does have leadership qualities," he says, "but it depends on how you define 'leader.' He's obviously not vocal, and he's not a galvanizer. He does it with his work ethic and by example."

At least Leonard comes closer to fitting the profile of what a max guy should offer, unlike a handful of players—Khris Middleton, Tobias Harris and D'Angelo Russell being the most obvious examples—who, the surveyed executives felt, received max offers because of circumstance more than capacity.

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Kawhi comes close? 🤣

Like there's a question Kawhi is deserving of a max contract. 🗑️
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Northern Neighbour
When Leonard said, in responding to Nick Nurse telling the team to get one game in Oakland, "F*ck that. Let's get two.", that showed a lot of leadership. That was "galvanizing". 
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Northern Neighbour wrote:
When Leonard said, in responding to Nick Nurse telling the team to get one game in Oakland, "F*ck that. Let's get two.", that showed a lot of leadership. That was "galvanizing". 

You also had guys like Lowry say that Kawhi's personality and confidence rubbed off on everyone. That's also a sign of leadership. This narrative of him not being a leader is ridiculous.

To quote Patrick Roy  “I can’t really hear what this unnamed GM says, because I got my two Championship rings plugged in my ears”
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Bucher is horrible. Always was. Just making shit up.
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It appears the only player in the world that is deserving of a max contract is LeBron :)

While I agree that kawhi is not a perfect player, and most would probably agree that his playmaking is not a strength, there is no gm in this league who would hesitate, even for a second, in giving him the max (and consider it great value too).

But outside of KD and kawhi, you can definitely make an argument that the other max contracts are either overpays, or risky. Harris and Middleton are clear overpays, butler comes with a host of issues, including the heavy minutes he played in his career, Kyrie has both health and personality concerns, Russell was paid based on future performance - and horford is old.

The max extensions given are also not slam dunks, porzingis has health problems, lilard makes a huge amount in his last contract years, Klay is aging and will need to rehab a massive injury and Simmons has a severely limited ceiling given his shooting.

Of all the contracts, the only ones I would call an absolute no-brainer are kawhi's, kd's, lilard's and Klay's. The other ones, with the exception of tobias, you still give them out, but you're going to sweat a bit and there is a decent chance some of them will be regretted down the line.
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